How Special Needs Dentistry Differs from Regular Dentistry

At the Dallas Center for Oral Health and Wellness, we understand that maintaining dental care for children and adults can be a challenge. Due to the specific needs and situations, we understand that it’s not always easy or possible to come into a dental office for dental care. Not to mention, dentistry requires a different, gentler approach when caring for those with special needs. We understand these unique situations and how they must be handled as a special needs dentist in Dallas. Dr. Willison is specially trained to work with patients who have special needs or unique situations to make dental care easier. Our special needs dentistry in Dallas differs from regular dentistry to help ensure oral health.

Special Needs Dentistry in Dallas

Special needs dentistry is a unique branch of dentistry that caters to the individual needs and special requirements of patients in various situations. A special needs dentist undergoes more specialized training to understand the wide range of needs and accommodations special needs children and adults require. As a special needs dentist, we are able to work with those who have physical, emotional, developmental, cognitive, sensory, and psychological impairments to ensure they receive the oral care they need. We are even able to help those with heart conditions who require a higher level of experience and care.

We are able to embrace the uniqueness of each patient to provide the comfortable and comprehensive care they need to promote oral health. We tailor our approach to each patient’s individual needs to provide the best method of care through our compassion and understanding. We understand that some patients may not be able to come into our office when times are busy, which is why we are able to schedule appointments when the office isn’t busy to make patient’s feel more comfortable and relaxed in a slower-paced setting. We also understand that some patients may not be able to come into our office at all, such as those undergoing cancer treatments. Dr. Willison is a hospital dentist in Dallas who is able to provide dental care in hospital settings under general anesthesia.

Dr. Willison has made it her mission to provide complete dental care to all patients—even those with special needs. She uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure treatments are safe and comfortable for all patients. Using her exceptional education and clinical excellence, she’s able to provide the personalized care every patient needs—no matter if that’s in her office or a hospital setting.

Special Needs Dentistry in Dallas

Due to unique situations in life, we understand that dental care may not always be easy, which is why we are here to make it a bit easier as a special needs dentist in Dallas. Dr. Willison provides the complete and comprehensive care special needs patients require because we strive to ensure everyone maintains healthy teeth and gums.

If you need special needs dentistry in Dallas, call the trusted and caring dentist who specializes in special needs care. Call (972) 566-6300 to learn how Dr. Willison can help you.


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